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Who's Who in Krewe du Who - Neil Timms

Who's Who in Krewe du Who - Neil Timms

Author: sanman/Wednesday, August 14, 2013/Categories: Blog, Who's Who in KdW

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Meet Neil...

Hello Whovians, I’m Neil Timms, owner of The Crown and Anchor English Pub in New Orleans, the only Pub in the world (maybe) with a TARDIS for an entrance.

I do not remember when I started watching DOCTOR WHO, growing up in England it was a standard Saturday night, the only night of the week when my parents would let us watch TV whilst eating dinner.

I remember being in the Pub one Saturday night back in 2005 when a friend (a fellow Whovian) asked me if I was aware that DOCTOR WHO was returning to TV and the first episode was going to air that night. I immediately pulled out my cell phone to set my DVR to record it so I could watch it as soon as I got home. This was before I owned the Crown and Anchor so there was to be no viewing of it in the Pub for many years to come. And so it began again, my love for the new series was immediate, the Doctor was back and better than ever.

Fast forward to January 2010 when I came to be the proud owner of the Crown and Anchor and we began showing the series in the Pub as they aired as well as organizing DOCTOR WHO Marathons with Curry Pot Lucks!

Fast forward again to July 2012, my birthday. My wife instructed me that I was not allowed to go to the pub until a certain time, I complied reluctantly. When finally the time came to go I pulled up in my truck to a glorious sight, my very own TARDIS was sitting right where the front door used to be! As I stepped through the doors it truly was bigger on the inside! The picture I took and posted on our facebook page became the single most shared and commented on post I have ever made. It was shortly after that when I received a phone call from Paul Patecek, founder of the Krewe du Who, and the rest as they say is history!

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