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Attention Whovians! Krewe du Who wants YOU aboard The Good Ship TARDIS!

Our community of enthusiastic Whovians is open to all who share in our ongoing celebration of Doctor Who. Whether your earliest Who memories are those of 1st Doctor William Hartnell, 4th Doctor Tom Baker or 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, all are welcome. Bound together by our passion for Doctor Who, we embrace the Revived Series, Classic Series, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish Audio Dramas and all things Who.

Originally formed in New Orleans Louisiana in 2011, we are now over 2200 Whovians strong! In the Gulf Coast Region of the United States we regularly meet to host and participate in events in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The Krewe du Who community continues to grow and extend far beyond the Gulf South, with membership that reaches across the globe.

Each new incarnation of The Doctor brings a rebirth of sorts to Doctor Who, while still retaining many aspects of The Doctor's past. When forming Krewe du Who it was my hope to reinvigorate New Orleans Doctor Who fandom in much the same way, retaining those aspects of the past that made it special. I have very fond memories of the New Orleans based Companions of Doctor Who, originally founded by Robert Neagle. Robert and several original members of The Companions of Doctor Who have been very supportive.

Our facebook group continues to grow, and has reached over 2200 members. Through the creative vision of Tim San Fillippo, and his team at 5 Stones Media this website was created to be a new incarnation of sorts for Krewe du Who. It serves as a portal for Doctor Who fans to come together, to plan and participate in Doctor Who related events, to share their Doctor Who experiences and to celebrate our favorite Time Lord through year round online and social gatherings.

So hang on tight, release the parking brake and get ready for the Adventures of a lifetime!

Paul M. Patecek,
The Prime Mover
Krewe du Who