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Who's Who in Krewe du Who - Donald Tennant

Who's Who in Krewe du Who - Donald Tennant

Author: sanman/Wednesday, August 21, 2013/Categories: Blog, Who's Who in KdW

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How I met the Doctor
(My life as a Whovian)

It was a warm afternoon and I was enjoying a cup of tea while admiring the view. The scenery was truly breathtaking. The wind, blowing gently, causing the tall grass to move ever so slightly. Suddenly out of nowhere came the most horrible wheezing sound, almost as if an animal was in it's death throws. A large blue police box appeared before me, out of thin air, almost by magic. The door opened and.............

Oh wait, wrong story.

I first met the Doctor back in the early 80's in Oklahoma City, where I was living at the time. I was 14 or 15 at the time. The show aired at 10:30 every Saturday night on OETA, the local PBS station. The first time I happened upon the show, I was hooked, I would wait eagerly all week to see the next episode. Back then, each serial was made up of 4 or more 25 min episodes. The first incarnation of the Doctor I encountered was played by Jon Pertwee, the 3rd Doctor. As time went by, the faces changed, but my love for the show never faltered. Then I discovered science fiction conventions, this changed my life, as I now had a place to meet other people who loved the show as much as I did. In 87 or 88, not sure, OETA stopped airing Doctor Who. It was a dark time, great sadness spread across the land. See, at this time, Sci-Fi Channel had yet to be created. In 1988 a group was formed to convince OETA to put Doctor Who back on the air. We met in one of the large meeting rooms at the Moore Library to get together and watch and discuss Doctor Who, and other British Sci-Fi. It was decided that the group was to be called Serendipity. During my time as a member of the group, I got to see more of the Doctor than I ever saw on OETA, I got to see all the incarnations that I never saw on TV. In 1996, we gathered to watch the movie on Fox, we were hoping that it would be a new start for the series, but sadly nothing came of it. It was not till 2005 that I would get to see new episodes.

I enjoy the show for so many reasons, the stories are excellent and well thought out. I love how you can never ignore the smallest detail because you never know if it will be vital to a future episode. I love how in the last series they have been going back to the early monsters and how Moffat picks up all the loose threads from the early series and ties them together so neatly. It almost makes ones head hurt just thinking about how the current Doctor's actions affected his past selves.

Damn you Moffat......

I discovered Krewe du Who over a year ago and have been an active member ever since. Sadly my work schedule and at times, the ferry, have prevented me from attending events. I try to attend as often as possible. I know I have met some of you. I thought it was funny the first time I attended an event at the Crown and Anchor and I introduced myself, I kept getting, Oh! Your the one who posted this or that. Honestly, I have this talent for remembering obscure facts and tiny details. A normal day starts with me scanning the internet looking for news stories on the Doctor. I usually hit the BBC first off and go from there. If the stories look interesting, I will post them to the group. I am really excited with their choice for the new Doctor and I have a feeling that there are great things in store for the character.

I look forward to many, many, years with the Krewe.

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