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Cosplay Spotlight on Alex R. Cannon

Cosplay Spotlight on Alex R. Cannon

Author: sanman/Monday, August 19, 2013/Categories: Blog, KdW Cosplay

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Meet Alex...

Krewe du Who: Why do you cosplay, or what do you like the most about it?
Alex R. Cannon: Why wouldn't I cosplay? I love themes, entertaining, and costumes.  I'm the type of person who used to plan my Halloween costume  a year before Halloween.  About 4 -5 years ago a friend introduced me to cons, and more importantly, cosplay.  And I never looked back!

KdW: How many costumes do you presently own?
AC: I own 33 costumes at last count: 5 are DC characters, 2  are Harry Potter, and 16  of those are DW. Here's a few: my 1st DW was a Rose/10th Doctor  combo, 2nd was a Mad Sooth-Sayer. My latest was an Oscar the Grouch Dalek,  a Horton Hears a Doctor Who, and a Cyber Babe. My other costumes are a collection of random things.  I am currently working on another 4 costumes.

KdW: What makes a costume one that you want to recreate? 
AC: I am  pretty random in how I decide a costume. I don't sew; duct tape and glue gun are a girl's best friend.  I tend to keep that in mind when choosing a costume.  I'm what you call a craft pack rat. So when I chose a character, I tend to go through my dressing room/ studio and see what I have. Then I decide if it is worth it to buy. I spend hours on the Internet looking for photos of said character and fan photos, and if it is a certain character from a tv show, I'll put that episode on repeat.  Usually if something has been done already, I'd rather not do a repeat unless I can do my own twist. Sometimes I'll get my ideas from fan art. For example, my Oscar the Grouch Dalek costume or my Horton Hears a Doctor Who was from fan art.

KdW: Do you attend any cons in costume?
AC: I have attended Mobi con, Coast  con, CONtraflow and Comicon.  I will be attending majority of those cons for the upcoming year.

KdW: What was the best experience you've had in costume?
AC: I don't have one experience that stands out. All of my experiences have been great and positive. It's always nice when someone asks to take your picture. Or when someone says "I love how you did your costume that way." My favorite is "dang, girl how many costumes do you have?"

KdW: While in costume have you met the original actor that you're playing tribute to? If so, what was his or her response?
AC: What a super mega foxy hot awesome thing  that would be ! But no, alas I have not.


KdW: What do you like the most about Doctor Who?
AC: Do I  have to pick one thing? Doctor Who lets the kids be kids and shows the adults that our inner kid isn't too far forgotten. I love the fact that I could be standing in my backyard, I hear a sound, and out of nowhere arrives this blue box. The door opens and a hand appears beckoning me to come inside. Of course, I would not think twice about  running away with a stranger!  It's the doctor! He's no stranger. The many other things I love of DW  are Captain Jack, time travel, spoilers, and that bow ties are cool.

KdW: Have you been involved with Krewe du Who before?
AC:Yes, I try to help at any of the local cons we appear at. I run our annual KdW pub crawls and I was at the 1st card run, and I'll be at the 2nd.

KdW:  Why the Sooth-Sayer and Please describe what it took to make this costume.
AC: My 2nd DW costume I decided to portray would be a Mad Sooth-Sayer from season 4  "Fires of Pompeii"   This is by far one of my favorite episodes. I love the makeup and the vividn red cloak . It also seem like a very easy costume  to  portray. I spent hours surfing the web for pictures of the cast and fan photos. Surprisingly not that many people haveportrayed this character.  I also spend a lot of time re-watching  the episode.  I tend to take a character and make it my own. I did that with the Sooth-Sayer. I wanted to make her more of a Voodoo priestess so she fit more in with the New Orleans scene, since she was also my Halloween costume. I needed red fabric, bone jewelry necklace and earrings, and white and black make up.  Instead of the hood, I went with a white and red light up head dress.  The great thing is that I had all of this in my dressing room.  I didn't do any sewing with the red fabric. I decide to wear it toga style. I decided to keep it short-sleeved since our area can get hot.  I went with flip flops for the shoes and kept the toga long. Other times I wore my red converse tennis. A minor prop I had was a skull dagger. I took a  small ninja sword I had and cut it to look more dagger-like . I used duck tape and hot glue to attach the skull. It came out rather wicked looking. Now the make up: the 1st time I had a friend do my make up. We used cheap party city makeup. We used the internet and printed pictures to get the exact look.  The 2nd time for the photo shoot, Meghan Davis was there. She used her awesome make up artist skills. The make up used Mehron cream white with baby powder to set, and Wolfe bros black water base. We had the internet for reference. For the Chewbachas parade, we had detailed pictures printed, and Meghan used temptu black alcohol base for a longer last. And red lipstick with black eyeliner.  Every time I wear this  costume  it just gets better and better.

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