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Tempus Rex Raffle Program

Tempus Rex.  Time King.  Get a kingly deal when you spend money with vendors participating in this unique rewards program!  For every $5 a customer spends with a participating vendor, one stamp/sticker is awarded to that customer on a special Tempus Rex Raffle Card.  Should a customer fill in that Tempus Rex Raffle Card with four stamps/stickers, that card becomes their ticket to an hourly raffle drawing featuring products from across the Time Fest Convention.  Make sure to put your name and phone number on the back of the completed raffle card so we can contact you!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Visitors:

What are the chances of winning?

Your chances of winning prizes from the Tempus Rex Raffle are determined by the number of completed Tempus Rex Cards.  Each drawing is randomly selected from the total of completed cards at the moment of the drawing.  

How much do I have to spend to get into the raffle?

Each sticker/stamp is awarded when you spend $5 with a participating vendor.  A completed raffle card requires four stickers/stamps, meaning a completed card requires $20 in purchases.

Can I only put in one raffle ticket?

No, you can submit as many completed Tempus Rex Raffle tickets as you like!  Spending more money with participating vendors may increase your chances of winning the raffle.

I spent $4 dollars with a participating vendor.  Can I get a sticker?

Stickers/stamps may only be given if a customer has spent $5 with a single vendor.

I spent $50 dollars with a participating vendor.  What happens now?

You receive a total of 10 stickers/stamps, meaning you’ve completely filled in two Tempus Rex cards and have 2 stickers/stamps on another.

Can my friend and I split a ticket?

Only one name may be printed on the back of a ticket.  Only that person may claim the prize should that card be drawn.  

Do I have to be present for the raffle drawing?

If your card is drawn, you win!  You do not have to be present at the raffle drawing.   You do need pick up the prize in person by the end of the day or you forfeit your prize back to the festival.  We will not mail the prize to you or drop it off at your domicile.

For Vendors:

What does a vendor need to do to participate in the program?  

Let the Time Fest organizer or a volunteer know your intent to participate.   You will be given stickers/stamps and empty Tempus Rex Raffle cards the day of the convention.  

Is participation in the Tempus Rex Raffle mandatory?

While not mandatory, we encourage all vendors to participate in the program as we find it enriches the Time Fest experience for both vendors and customers.  

What do I have to contribute to the raffle?

We ask that all participating vendors contribute one high quality good so we may raffle one of their products the day of Time Fest.  

Do I have to pay to be in this program?

The Tempus Rex Raffle program is free for vendors to participate in.  Vendors still need to pay their standard booth fees.