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Our Fellow Whovians,

It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you that NOLA TimeFest II 2014 will not be held at the Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport on June 7, 2014.

With over 500 Whovians in attendance, NOLA TimeFest 2013 was an unprecedented success. For months we have been planning for the 2014 edition to be bigger and better - starting with a move up from a reception hall to a proper hotel (specifically, the Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport in Kenner).

With the event looming just 6 weeks away, we were gearing up for the big push, but fate (and a structural engineer) had other plans. On the evening of Monday April 21, 2014, the NOLA TimeFest staff was shocked and upset to hear from the Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport Director of Sales and Marketing that repairs to main ballroom damage, that had NOT been properly mitigated several years ago, would force the Crowne Plaza to cancel or push forward all group bookings at the hotel, from between June and August.

The NOLA TimeFest staff is pretty devastated by this news and is seeking out a new date from our long-contracted host hotel, ASAP. We spent much of April 22, 2014 contacting other hotels and venues in an attempt to book an alternate site for June 7, but at this late stage of the game, a different location on the same date is unlikely. Nevertheless, we will keep all of our friends in the Doctor Who fandom community in the loop for the resolution to this untimely outcome.

We welcome and encourage all members of the Whovian community to please reach out to us with any questions and concerns and any suggestions or leads on securing a new venue for NOLA Time Fest II.

Any hotel rooms booked for the event will be refunded by the Crowne Plaza. On April 25, 2014 we shall announce if we have secured an alternate site for June 7, 2014. If we must change the date, we shall honor any refund requests to from our fellow Whovians who pre-ordered NOLA Timefest II memberships.

This is not the end, just a wrinkle in Time.


Paul M. Patecek & Lewis D’Aubin
NOLA TimeFest

The Moment has been prepared for, by Krewe du Who and The Consortium of Genius 

Last year's Inaugural Time Fest rocked the Time Vortex as we celebrated the first 50 Years of Doctor Who with over 500 Whovians in attendance. This year we look forward to the Future of NOLA Time Fest and the next 50 Years of Doctor Who!

June 7th, 2014 10AM - 10PM

  $15.00 Adult Admission Prepay Online.

$7.50 Children Under 10 Yrs old Admission Prepay Online, with Adult Prepay Online.


$20.00 Adult Admission at the door.

$10.00 Children Under 10 Yrs old Admission at the door, with Adult Admission.

All ages admitted with adult supervision. 

PROGRAMMING to include:

Panels on Time and Relative Dimension in Space: Have a panel idea? Drop us a line. Send us your panel ideas here! Watch this space for your ideas to materialize!

The Space Time Visualizer: Last year's Doctor Who rarities screening was a great success. This year we are opening up the programming to you to share some of your favorite past moments in Time and Space or debut your brand new ones. Send Us Time and Space fan videos here!

The Robes of Rassilon Costume Contest - Come out in your Doctor Who cosplay best and compete with your fellow temporal travelers for fabulous prizes!

Sonic Screwdriver Sock Hop - Musical guest the Consortium of Genius will be breaking out their Time Door and entering the Vortex unshielded! Special guest performer to be announced. Here is a clue .... You Are Not Alone!     

Time Corridor Hall - Costume awards throughout the event presented by Loki from!

Doctor Who Gaming Tournament - Gamers will test their skills and compete against the clock for the chance at the title of this year's Times Champion!

Prom Pictures from Skaro - Get a Whovian Green Screen portrait! From Bad Wolf Bay to Metebelis 3 a wide array of destinations await!

Shoot the Daleks Extermination Booth - Take your best aim at the Scourge of Scaro, before Time runs out! Last year your generous donations raised over $400 for Camp Challenge. 100% of this years proceeds from the Shoot the Daleks Extermination Booth will go directly to our 2014 charity. Watch this space for Charity partner to be announced.

Dealers in Temporal Antiquities - Merchants from near and far shall entice you with their selection of fine collectibles from across time, space, and the parish line!  

The Consortium of Genius, Nola Time Fest Co-producers and MASTERS of Musical Mayhem

NOLA Time Fest's dance will be MASTER-fully conducted by the Consortium of Genius, a cabal of Time Traveling mad DOCTORS, WHO, with their robot drummer, have made it their goal to rock the universe to its knees! As evidence that their hearts are in the right place(s), here is a sample of the sound they will radiate at 7pm on Saturday, June 7th, 2014


Krewe du Who, Nola Time Fest Co-producers

Hailing from across the Louisiana Gulf South, Krewe du Who is a community of Doctor Who fans young and young at hearts. They are a diverse group, bound together by their passion for Doctor Who. They embrace the New Series, Classic Series, Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish Audio Dramas and all things Doctor Who related.


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